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Protecting Your Assets During Divorce With Assistance From Experienced Family Law Attorneys

At Wallitsch & Iacobelli, LLP, many clients come to us with questions about protecting their wealth and property before or during divorce. These questions can be difficult or embarrassing to ask. As your attorneys, we will be discreet and honest and provide representation that protects your personal and financial interests.

You Have Options For Protecting Your Wealth

If you suspect that your spouse is selling off stocks to try and build up assets, going on vacations with a new boyfriend or girlfriend while draining your joint savings, or otherwise liquidating your assets, we can help you freeze accounts during the dependency period of your divorce.

Although some damage may have already been done, your spouse’s wasteful actions will be taken into account during division of your marital assets. In some cases, the courts will award the wronged spouse a larger portion of the property or may attempt to compensate for any losses through alimony payments.

Our team of attorneys can help you discover and identify instances of waste or mismanagement by asking such questions as:

  • Are you able to account for the timing of transactions, i.e., did they occur near the time you and your spouse separated or decided to pursue a divorce?
  • Did transactions go toward supporting your marriage or were they unrelated to your relationship?
  • Did a transaction deviate from your spouse’s normal spending habits?
  • Did your spouse attempt to hide or otherwise divert assets?

Numerous other factors may warrant freezing accounts and asking the courts for additional support or assets: gambling losses, legal fees, failure to make necessary payments, substantial business losses incurred by your spouse, or gifts or money given to an individual with whom your spouse is having an affair.

Secure A Court Order To Freeze Your Accounts During Divorce

To speak with a lawyer regarding the protection of your wealth and assets, call us at our Allentown, Pennsylvania, law office at 610-434-5441 or reach us via email by completing our online contact form.

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