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Like other states, Pennsylvania relies upon a set of guidelines when determining the amount of child support a noncustodial parent will pay a custodial parent. Although that amount is usually determined by each parent’s income and the number of children being supported, certain circumstances may necessitate variations.

How Much Will I Be Asked To Pay Or How Much Will I Receive?

Although nearly every parent we represent in child custody matters wants a definitive answer regarding how much they will pay or receive, the truth is that it varies from case to case. The courts will normally award support based on set criteria — the custody schedule and the income or earning capacity of both parents — making it easy for us to offer an approximation. However, a judge may deviate from the guidelines and increase or decrease the amount of support based on the following:

  • The child is disabled or otherwise requires additional medical support.
  • A parent faces extenuating circumstances or financial obligations.
  • A parent’s standard of living has changed dramatically.
  • The child requires financial support for college or other continuing education.
  • The child is over 18, but, due to health reasons requires long-term support and care.
  • The child has health insurance expenses.

In cases involving high net worth families, support is determined by the children’s reasonable needs based on the standard of living established during the relationship. Both parents will be required to complete an income and expense statement and the court will apportion the expenses for the children in proportion to the parents’ income.

As your children age and their needs change, it may be necessary to modify your child support agreements to ensure that you are paying or receiving the appropriate amount. At Wallitsch & Iacobelli, LLP, our team of family law lawyers can see that your documents are up to date, including modifying child custody and support arrangements.

An Experienced Team Of Attorneys Protecting Your Child’s Interests

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