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Considerations when leaving an abusive marriage

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2024 | Divorce

Being in an abusive marriage is a daily guess about what the future may hold. You may be concerned about your safety, but you might also be concerned with how you’ll be able to survive if you walk away.

Taking steps to enhance the likelihood of being able to leave safely is a priority if you have the time and ability to do so. Consider these tips if you’re planning on walking away from an abusive marriage.

Ensuring safety and creating a plan

Safety is paramount when planning to leave an abusive marriage. It’s essential to create a detailed safety plan that includes safe places to stay and a plan for leaving that minimizes the risk of confrontation. You should also write out a list of essential items to take with you, including:

  • Identification
  • Documents for the children
  • Financial documents
  • Clothing
  • Medications
  • Keys

Contact trusted family members or friends who can offer emotional support and practical assistance. Additionally, consulting organizations dedicated to helping those in abusive situations can provide invaluable resources, advice and sometimes emergency shelter.

Securing financial independence

Financial preparation is an important aspect of leaving an abusive marriage. Start by setting aside funds in a separate bank account or secure location if possible. Gather important financial documents and create a budget for your immediate needs.

Focusing on healing and self-care

Leaving an abusive marriage isn’t just a physical departure but also an emotional journey. Once you have ensured your immediate safety and taken steps to secure your future, focusing on healing is important. Healing is a personal and ongoing process, but it’s essential for rebuilding your life and finding strength after leaving an abusive marriage.

Consulting with a legal professional

Understanding your rights and options is a critical step in leaving an abusive marriage. Consulting with a legal representative can clarify divorce proceedings, custody of children and restraining orders. Finding this information out as early in the process as possible may be beneficial so you can determine how to proceed at each step.

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