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Securing alimony in a high-asset divorce

Filing for divorce is an emotionally turbulent experience. While it might feel difficult to focus on anything else but the end of your marriage, failing to prioritize your finances could lead to trouble. Especially when dealing with high-asset divorce, exploring every...

Prioritizing privacy in divorce

Despite a growing number of social media accounts that center around couples and their personal lives, many people in Pennsylvania prefer to keep the details of their relationships private. That privacy often feels more important than ever when going through a...

Financial assets in a high asset divorce

Dividing marital property is a key part of the divorce process. Property division can pose added challenges to some couples in Pennsylvania, though. Those who have significant financial assets may need to consider the future worth of certain assets or possible tax...

Divorce close to retirement

After several decades of marriage, most couples have accumulated quite a few marital assets. Retirement savings tend to be among the most valuable assets in these marriages for a number of reasons, including their actual cash value as well as the promise of a...

Does your marriage have these risk factors?

It may come as no surprise to many that money remains among the top five reasons why couples get divorced. However, it is not always a lack of money that brings marital disharmony. Some who counsel divorcing spouses recognize that differences in attitudes toward money...