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Has your marriage turned abusive?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2023 | Divorce

Getting married is usually one of the happiest moments in a person’s life. Often, the couple goes on to live together for many years and achieve their joint goals.

Sadly, a significant number of marriages don’t turn out that way and the reasons behind divorce can sometimes be extreme, such as where abuse is a factor.

Abuse can manifest itself in terms of violence and verbal attacks, but it can also be more subtle. Outlined below are a few important factors to consider.

Controlling behavior

Manipulative and controlling behavior is a form of abuse and it can be subtle. In fact, it can even be portrayed as a positive thing by the abusive spouse.

For example, one spouse might try to convince their partner that they need nobody else in their lives because the two of them can take on the world. Abusive partners can be compelling, and these tactics can isolate the other spouse from their close friends and family members.

Eliminating self-confidence

Sadly, some abusive partners do all that they can to wear down the self-esteem of the person they are supposed to love. Everyone has vulnerabilities and an abusive person may try to capitalize on these.

An abusive spouse may make their partner feel like they are not good enough to do anything else with their life, and that no one else would want them to be around.

If you have been subjected to anything like the above behavior, then it’s important to remember that you are not alone. You are entitled to be safe and happy, and this includes separating from your spouse if necessary.

Having legal guidance behind you will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to take the next steps in your life and build a brighter future.

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