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Can having money cause a divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce can happen for many reasons. Some people seek divorce because their spouse cheated on them. Others have sought divorce because of drug and alcohol addictions.  Parents may seek divorce because of conflicting parenting styles.

It’s common for many marriages to end because of financial differences. Many of these divorces happen because a spouse may have large debts, gambling addictions, unemployment and financial mismanagement. While many of these may be caused by the lack of money, the excess of wealth may also lead to divorce. Here’s what you should know:

Marrying for financial security

Unfortunately, some marriages are not as genuine as people believe. A spouse may be involved in a relationship for the financial security the other spouse can provide. While this may, for example, benefit people who have children, it doesn’t work for everyone. Some signs that a spouse is only there for financial security may include the unwillingness to work, excessively spending their spouse’s money and pushing to have an inheritance in their name.

Expecting money from a spouse’s inheritance

Speaking of inheritance, a spouse who benefits from a deceased family member’s or friend’s estate could face marital issues. The spouse who didn’t inherit anything may wish to spend their spouse’s inheritance without their consent. 

Conflicting salaries 

Many people don’t earn the same wages as their spouses. The range of salaries could vary greatly, which could cause jealousy and resentment. Someone, for example, may demand that their spouse contribute more to the household finances because they earn more. Likewise, the spouse with the higher income may demand their spouse to contribute more than what is possible

There are many legal ways people can protect themselves to help prevent financial issues from causing a divorce or protecting their assets in the event of a divorce. Legal guidance can help you learn more.

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