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The challenges of divorcing a narcissistic partner

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2019 | Divorce

One may think they know everything about their spouse when they tie the knot. Unfortunately, some may start to notice negative traits about their partner that create problems in the marriage, which may cause them to separate.  If the spouse they’re trying to split from is a narcissist, it can make matters more complicated.

Divorcing one can often be challenging as the non-narcissistic partner may not always notice their spouse’s self-centered tendencies right away. In many cases, narcissistic partners often display charming, witty and seductive qualities early in the relationship. Depending on the circumstances, the narcissistic partner’s lack of empathy and unwillingness to compromise often starts to show as time goes on.

Ways these partners can create difficulties

Divorce professionals may sometimes blame both spouses for their inability to negotiate an agreement. However, if one partner is a narcissist, they may see the divorce as a game of winning and losing and put up a stubborn fight to come out on top. These are some examples of how narcissist can complicate the separation process:

  • They may seek to obtain a majority of the assets as a means of revenge.
  • They may use the children as pawns to gain an advantage in child custody proceedings.
  • They may refuse to negotiate or settle even if the circumstances of the case change.
  • They may take their spouse back to court to reach a more favorable settlement, even after divorce proceedings end.
  • They may use any information they can, whether it’s true or not, to paint their ex-spouse in a negative light.
  • They may play the victim in an attempt to sway the opinion of a judge.

Being proactive is important

Divorcing a narcissistic ex-spouse can create headaches for anyone involved. Those who intend to do so may want to seek legal counsel. A diligent and detail-oriented family law attorney can advocate for their client in court and fight for a reasonable agreement.

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