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Modifying a child custody agreement

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2023 | Parenting plans

When facing the end of a marriage, many parents may feel it vital to cover every essential topic when pursuing a parenting plan that aligns with the needs and interests of their kids. While this agreement may function as intended initially, things can change over time and some types of changes may prompt a need to revisit the topic and consider modifications. There are a variety of scenarios in which it may be necessary to seek modifications to a child custody agreement and parents in Pennsylvania who face similar situations may be left in search of advice on their available options. 

Types of changes 

While parents who encounter changes in life that affect visitation schedules may have the option to speak with the other party and negotiate, this might not always be effective in every scenario. If it is up to the court to issue a ruling, there may be a variety of factors that might influence the outcome of the situation. For instance, the court might not approve a request for modifications on a whim and parents may need to show a valid reason for this request. 

There may be several types of changes in life that might prove valid reasons to request modifications to a child custody agreement. Changes in work schedules and a need to relocate are possible examples of factors that may affect visitation schedules and modifying a child custody agreement may be necessary to protect the well-being of the kids. The needs of the children may also change over time and revisiting the initial agreement may be the best path to providing for their needs. 

Requesting modifications 

Parents who feel that seeking modifications to a child custody agreement is necessary may still find that the process can be stressful and complex. Fortunately, this isn’t something one must face alone, as there are attorneys who can provide a person in Pennsylvania with much needed advice in preparing for what comes next. An attorney can evaluate the situation a client is facing and assist in preparing to seek the necessary changes to his or her child custody agreement via the appropriate outlets. 

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