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Some issues may be more common during a divorce late in life

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2022 | Divorce

There are many topics that it might be helpful to address when preparing to dissolve a marriage at virtually any stage in life. However, certain types of issues may be more prevalent among individuals in Pennsylvania who are in a certain age group. Knowing some of the concerns that might arise when facing divorce while late in life could help provide much-needed insight on how best to prepare for the subsequent process. 

Gray divorce topics 

It might not be uncommon for individuals who are approaching retirement age to hold considerable wealth and assets. As such, identifying and valuing all marital assets and taking steps to obtain all the necessary documentation for the subsequent process could prove a complex task. It may also prove challenging to identify pre-marital possessions and to determine whether separate assets will maintain their separate identity through the process. 

Gray divorces may also include complex assets such as investment and retirement accounts, or even pensions. While such assets may play a significant role in the process, knowing one’s options and how to make informed choices about each, in turn, might not always be a simple feat. Those approaching the golden years of life may also possess assets via inheritances, and while these may typically be separate assets, if they are mingled with marital wealth, at least a portion thereof might be deemed marital property. 

Knowing what is at stake 

The factors that may prove more common in a divorce late in life may only act to further complicate the situation. Individuals in Pennsylvania who face a similar change in life and remain uncertain of the vital topics to cover could consider consulting with a family law attorney for guidance in navigating every step of the process. An attorney can evaluate a client’s wishes and goals and help create a strategy with which to safeguard his or her future interests during subsequent divorce proceedings. 

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