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Updating an estate plan after a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2022 | Divorce

The process of dissolving a marriage may prompt a variety of changes in one’s life and those facing a similar situation may benefit from taking various steps to protect their futures. Many individuals in Pennsylvania may include their spouses in their estate planning goals and after choosing to part ways, preferences and wishes may change. Knowing the steps to take to help update an estate plan to better reflect one’s new wishes after a divorce could prove vital to preparing to safeguard one’s interests. 

Topics to address 

According to experts, those facing a similar circumstance in life might benefit from reviewing various aspects of their estate planning goals. Two common topics to consider after a similar life change may involve updating information on will and trust documents. An ex-spouse might remain on a will or trust as a beneficiary until modifications are made and updating information may help prevent an undesirable result. 

It might not be uncommon for a person to list a spouse as a representative in documents such as power of attorney or health care directives. Following a divorce, it might be helpful to consider reviewing the information on similar directives and making changes to bring them in line with one’s new preferences. This could also apply to topics such as life insurance policies and updating beneficiary information on all estate planning documents might be integral to safeguarding one’s new wishes. 

Changes in life 

It can be difficult to predict the changes in life a divorce might bring and planning for the process can prove a daunting task. When facing a similar scenario in life, a person in Pennsylvania could choose to speak with a family law attorney for guidance on what to expect and in covering every vital aspect of dissolving a marriage. An attorney can help address a client’s questions and needs and assist in taking steps to help safeguard his or her future during subsequent legal proceedings. 

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