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What factors might play a role in the rise of gray divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2022 | Divorce

There are a variety of scenarios in which married couples in Pennsylvania and elsewhere may choose to part ways, and some of the issues couples face might be common in virtually all age groups. However, certain groups may face issues that could be unique to their ages, some of which might place a strain of relationships and leave those approaching the latter years of life wondering if it is time to open a new chapter. Studies indicate that gray divorce rates are increasingly common and that there are a variety of factors that contribute to this rise. 

Possible factors 

One of the most common factors that might play a role in the rise of gray divorce could pertain to recent changes in workplace equality. In the current age, it might not be uncommon for a household to have two spouses with careers. The resulting financial independence could act to alleviate concerns over the possible financial ramifications of dissolving a marriage, which may leave those who are in an unhappy relationship with less fear of moving on. 

Studies also indicate that the increase to life expectancy may also play a role in this rise. The possibility of a longer life could cause many to reevaluate their goals for the future and in some cases, these goals might not align with their current situations. Another potential factor to address could involve the idea that there may be less of a stigma associated with divorce than before. 

The future 

Regardless of the motivations involved, those facing a divorce might have questions about how the outcome of the situation might affect their lives and how best to prepare for the process. With a great deal at stake, a person in Pennsylvania could benefit from speaking with an attorney early on for advice in making informed decisions about his or her available options. An attorney can work with a client in covering every vital aspect of dissolving a marriage and assist in developing a strategy with which to seek the best outcome achievable concerning his or her future. 

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