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Bringing up the subject of divorce with kids

On Behalf of | May 14, 2021 | Divorce

The end of a marriage is a difficult time for any Pennsylvania family. One of the most dreaded aspects of this process is bringing up the subject with the children and explaining how this process will change their lives. While this will never be an easy conversation to have, there are certain things parents can do to make this discussion a bit easier and more productive for the entire family.

Before the talk

It is essential that parents be certain of their decision to divorce before having this talk with their kids. Additionally, they will want to plan for the right time to have the conversation. Good timing is critical as it can affect how children process and receive the information the parents will give them during this discussion.

During the conversation

During the conversation, it is helpful if parents can present a united front when talking with their kids. Even if they are at odds with each other over divorce matters, speaking with their kids in a cooperative manner can make this easier on the youngest members of the family. Finally, parents will want to be careful about the information they give, making sure it’s age appropriate and not harmful to the kids’ perception of their parents.

After the conversation

After speaking with their kids about divorce, Pennsylvania parents will then begin the process of seeking a reasonable custody order. This may require setting aside their own temporary emotions in order to seek terms that will be in the best interests of the kids. They may also find it beneficial to seek the counsel of an experienced legal professional.

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