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Navigating a post-divorce move with your children

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Parenting plans

A divorce may require you to find a different residence as staying in the family home may no longer be an option for you. Finding a new home may be only one of the many changes you could experience following a divorce, and this type of transition could be especially difficult if you have children. Before you move or make a final decision regarding a potential move, you will benefit from understanding your parental rights, your options and how you can protect your kids.

As with all decisions that could impact your children, it is critical to view a potential move from the lens of what will be in the best interests of the youngest members of your family. After a divorce, kids will need as much stability and security as possible. If moving is necessary, there are steps you can take that will shield them from undue duress and upheaval.

Custody and the impact on your kids

The terms of your child custody order could determine whether relocating with your children is an option. While moving to another neighborhood is possible, you may not be able to move to a different city or state. There are also custody laws that may affect your ability to relocate with your children after a divorce. If you violate the terms of a custody order, or your decision to relocate infringes on the rights of your child’s other parent, you could find yourself facing legal complications.

If a move is permissible and beneficial, you will also benefit from considering the ways that a move could negatively affect your kids. A divorce can take a mental and emotional toll on the kids, and a move can exacerbate the struggles they are already facing. Your kids will need you to provide support and as much continuity of lifestyle as possible during this difficult time. Pennsylvania parents may benefit from considering specific ways they can help kids adjust to their new homes, whether that is just down the street or in a different state.

Your choices and your kids

You know that the decisions you make after your divorce will impact your entire family for years to come, and putting the needs of the kids first is an important priority. If you need to move or want to relocate after your divorce, you may find it helpful to learn about the legal options you have per custody laws and your individual custody order.

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