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The possible emotional impact of divorce on kids

On Behalf of | May 17, 2022 | Parenting plans

Parents in Pennsylvania and across the nation who are facing the end of a marriage may feel it vital to take steps to safeguard the well-being of their children. Part of preparing to achieve such a goal could include seeking insight on how the news of divorce might affect one’s kids. Studies indicate that such a change in life circumstances could cause a child to experience various challenges and finding ways to address their concerns and provide reassurances and support could be vital to helping them cope with the changes in their lives.

The effects

When it comes to divorce, the way kids react to the situation may vary depending on their age. For instance, younger children may struggle to fully understand the situation or handle transitions between households and providing them with reassurances of love and support may be integral to staving off emotional harm. Kids who are in grade school may start to wonder if they are in some way to blame for the situation and addressing such concerns could help mitigate unnecessary stress.

Studies indicate that teenage children could experience a variety of emotions during a similar life change and may act out in anger or frustration. Similar changes in life could also affect their performance at school or make them more susceptible to exhibiting risky behaviors. Understanding how teenagers might respond to the news of divorce and the trials they might face could help a parent better prepare to address their issues and concerns and protect their well-being.

Child custody

Along with addressing the challenges children might face during a divorce, parents may also face a variety of vital topics to address when seeking an acceptable child custody agreement. Since this can be one of the toughest aspects of family law, a person in Pennsylvania could find it helpful to consult with an attorney for guidance in addressing all essential aspects involved. An attorney can work with a client in pursuing a child custody agreement that focuses on meeting the needs and interests of his or her children.

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