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Protection from abuse order when an ex is stalking you

On Behalf of | May 2, 2021 | Protection From Abuse

Not every spouse is able to accept when a marriage is over and graciously walk away. In some cases, one spouse may refuse to let go, even going so far as to stalk the former partner. When this causes emotional stress or causes the stalking victim to feel afraid for his or her safety, it may require legal intervention. One step a Pennsylvania stalking victim may take is to seek a protection from abuse order. 

A former spouse may show up at the door wanting to talk or apologize, but this is not necessarily stalking. By law, stalking is repeated actions that the stalker uses with the intention of causing the victim fear or distress, including but not limited to any of these examples 

  • Following the other spouse 
  • Showing up uninvited and unwelcome at the home or workplace of the former spouse or at the school of their children 
  • Constantly calling, texting or leaving messages 
  • Hacking into the victim’s computer or mobile device to track the victim’s whereabouts 
  • Causing damage to the former spouse’s property 
  • Using lies, intimidation or threats of self-harm to manipulate the ex-spouse 
  • Threatening harm to the victim or the victim’s pets, friends or family 

While even a stranger could be a stalker, domestic stalkers present a far greater risk because their actions tend to escalate quickly. Therefore, it is important for those who are dealing with an ex who is stalking them to take advantage of every resource available for their protection. A protection from abuse order, for example, is a court order that places legal penalties on a stalker who violates the terms of the order. 

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