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Parenting time pickup and drop-off responsibilities

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2021 | Parenting plans

Pennsylvania parents who are working out the details of child custody and parenting time know the best interests of the child is always the deciding factor. Nevertheless, parents cannot overlook their own schedules and obligations. One detail parents may neglect when discussing parenting time is how to make the transfer of custody as minimally disruptive to the children as possible. In other words, who should pick up and who should drop off?

Some child advocates suggest the receiving parent should always be the one to pick up the children. They argue that it is more positive from the children’s perspective to have a parent come to them than to have one parent drive them away and drop them off. Coming to collect the children may remind the children that they are wanted whereas the drive with a parent who is dropping them off may give the children time to dwell on the separation that is about to take place.

Exceptions and adjustments

Of course, every situation is unique, and switching transportation duties may not be efficient, especially for short visits. For parents who live farther apart, a halfway meeting point may be more appropriate. As children get older, they may balk at having either parent drive them, preferring to walk, ride their bikes, take the bus or even drive themselves when they are old enough. Parents may also wish to enlist the help of responsible grandparents or others to help with custody transfers.

No matter how parents choose to make the transfer for parenting time, it is wise to include these details in their plans. Additionally, complying with changeover times and other elements of child custody agreements is critical. It is important for the well-being of the child as well as avoiding the risk of future legal struggles.

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