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Protection from abuse orders used as revenge

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2020 | Protection From Abuse

Emotions are often high during a divorce. Many in Pennsylvania find themselves on the defense when an angry, embittered spouse seeks revenge for the breakup. In many cases, these acts of revenge get sorted out by the courts or law enforcement, but this is not always true when it comes to allegations of abuse. When a spiteful ex files a protection from abuse order, it can create a multitude of challenges and complications for the accused.

Protection from abuse orders are helpful for those who genuinely fear for their safety because of the abusive actions or threats of a family member or resident of their home. A PFA places a legal barrier between the victim and the abuser, setting high penalties for those who violate them. However, for those who are falsely accused, a PFA can be ruinous.

The consequences of a false accusation

For the safety of victims of abuse, a PFA is not that difficult to obtain. This makes it an easy way for a vengeful partner to cause harm to an ex. With a PFA, someone can prevent a spouse from entering the home, prevent a parent from seeing the children, and damage the accused’s chances of obtaining custody or other benefits from a divorce. A PFA can also damage the reputation of the accused and even cost him or her a job. For example, someone who is required to carry a firearm will lose that right through a PFA order.

Those in Pennsylvania who are facing false accusations of abuse have a right to be concerned. A protection from abuse order can be a devastating blow and one that is difficult to fight. Having experienced legal counsel right away can improve the chances of reaching a positive resolution.

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