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Why people remain in abusive relationships

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Protection From Abuse

If you feel like you have been trapped in an abusive relationship, rest assured that you are not alone and that your feelings are valid. From the outside, others are often very quick to say that you should have left long ago. You know it’s not that simple. We want you to know that we understand the struggles you’ve faced, and we’re ready to help show you what options you do have.

Here are a few reasons that people often stay in these relationships, even when they know that they should leave:

  • They are in love. Don’t discount this. You can be abused by someone that you genuinely love.
  • They hope to change the person. They think they can put an end to the abusive behavior.
  • They are afraid that trying to leave is just going to make things worse.
  • They are financially dependent on the person who is abusing them.
  • They feel embarrassed about what is happening, and they do not want anyone else to know.
  • They have religious or cultural reasons that make them not want to leave the relationship.
  • They do not understand that what is happening to them is wrong and that it does not happen to everyone else. It may have been going on for so long that they think it is normal behavior.

Have you ever thought about these reasons and your own situation? It’s complicated. It’s not nearly as clear-cut as outsiders like to assume, and that’s all right. That’s understandable. But you should know that you and your children do not deserve to suffer abuse, and you do have legal options to protect yourself.

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