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What victims should know about digital stalking and divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2019 | Protection From Abuse

Technology can make escaping domestic violence more complicated, as some have fallen prey to digital stalking at the hands of their former partners.

In one story, a woman talked about being followed by her ex-husband after he put an electronic tracking device in her car. While the move may be considered intrusive, she was unable to prosecute him because the vehicle was considered joint property at the time of their marriage.

Multiple reports of spyware on devices

In some divorces, obsessive partners put spyware on their ex-spouse’s phones or computers, allowing them to track their every move. Some spyware can even let them see what their ex-spouse is typing on their keyboard or searching on the internet.

These moves can put victims at a disadvantage in separation proceedings. That’s because the one using these methods often does so to collect evidence against their former partner, in an attempt to exert control over their lives.

Covering digital footprints

These are some steps stalking victims can take:

  • Reset their passwords: Victims may want to change passwords for any accounts that hold vulnerable information and make sure the password isn’t something their ex-spouse can guess.
  • Set up security protection with their ISP: If one’s internet service provider has a security plan, they may want to use it. If they don’t have one, the victim may want to switch to a provider that does.
  • Modify their social media accounts: For those who use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, they may want to make some changes to their account. They can do so by switching their profile picture, tightening their privacy settings and even changing their name.
  • Limit information they share online: Stalkers can google someone to find out where they live, who they hang out with and what places they like to go. Sharing this kind of information makes it easier for stalkers to target their victims and track their every move.

Stalking can create anxiety for victims

Those who are subject to stalking of any kind know the long-term hardship it can bring them. Pennsylvanians who believe a former spouse is following them may want to contact an attorney who can assist in filing an order of protection.

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